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Wheel Media is partnering with New Sincerity, a New Magazine and Digital Media Company Driving Social Change

As a creative service agency Wheel Media has been working with businesses, organization & brands to help them grow. Recently we started working with a digital media company, publisher, technology innovator and storytelling agency called New Sincerity. New Sincerity is a new kind of magazine aimed at building a diverse, creative and engaged nation. New Sincerity raises voice for everyone, working to inspire and empower people to see the light of their heart.

They take an intersectional approach to their storytelling, aiming to uncover both the most unlikely or most unspoken stories. Whether it’s a large company that shifts to being employee-owned or a group of teenagers creating an app that improves the cleanliness of their neighborhoods, every story includes elements of empathy, grit, and inspiration.

New Sincerity Magazine

What They Do

New Sincerity brings out authentic, inclusive values with their storytelling inattentiveness. They are working on a mission to honor every identity, culture, and each other. New Sincerity Magazine is filled with lot of friends you haven’t met yet.

Innovation Lab of New Sincerity

Technology has an impact of how we see each other. So New Sincerity created an Innovation lab where they are creating products that solves big problems and brings Americans together.

How New Sincerity Can Help you

Authentic storytelling can help your brand strengthen its internal communication, create connections, foster innovation and lead to business growth. Our method isn’t rooted in diversity training, but in personal stories.