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Come Visit Us At The Startup Conference in Redwood City!

Startup Village1 Come Visit Us At The Startup Conference in Redwood City!

Michael (our Founder & CEO) is at The Startup Conference in Redwood City, CA today, May 30th, talking with investors and entrepreneurs about business plans, funding, websites and marketing.

Ping jen@wheelmedia.com if you’re there too, so she can track him down and you can connect!


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  • Ari Roberts says:

    Way to go, Michael! It is indeed one great opportunity to be part in the Startup Conference in Redwood City. I read that about 2,000 attendees were present on that day. And I’m pretty sure a lot of investors are there as well. With Michael’s brilliant ideas and exquisite quality results with his projects, any investors will want to be co-founder of Wheelmedia.

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