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How Your Work Desk Defines Your Workday

Your workspace matters. Some people have replaced their chairs for exercise balls; others swear by their standing desks. Some people sit in enclosed cubicles; others spread out at kitchen tables.

Career advisor Danielle Kurtzelben suggests that desks aren’t too far off from work outfits; they are seen as an extension of the owner, providing a peek into the person’s work ethic and creative approach. According to research, she claims that the following accoutrements can help enhance productivity and maintain a professional and personable image:

— Desktop Calendar (to provide a visual storyboard of your workweek)

— Family Photos (research has proven that a tangible sense of familiarity can help reduce stress and foster calm)’

Our environments affect us more than we realize. They dictate our efficiency and determine our moods. An accummulation of “stuff” – papers, knick knacks, pads, and the like – can act as roadblocks to productivity.

Erin Dolan of Unclutterer explains, “The clutter competes for your attention in the same way a toddler might stand next to you annoyingly repeating, “candy, candy, candy, candy, I want candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy. . . . ” Even though you might be able to focus a little, you’re still aware that a screaming toddler is also vying for your attention. The annoyance also wears down your mental resources and you’re more likely to become frustrated.”

Curious to learn more? Take a gander with the folks at Fast Company.

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