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Sacramento Teen Entrepreneur Flies High with Classic Jet Tours

Not even graduated from high school yet, Sean Burris is an enthusiastic entrepreneur in the making, already starting his first business venture: Classic Jet Tours.

Sean first became interested in planes in kindergarten, when he began playing flight simulator games. Then, his interest grew into something deeper, becoming fascinated with old jets.

With a passion for vintage jets from the ’50s and ’60s, Burris decided to begin organizing flight trips with paying passengers. In May of 2011, his first charter flew out of Dallas on a 1967 British BAC 111.

The young businessman says his goal is to “help people collect experiences” – the same way a person would collect stamps or coins.

The old planes eventually get retired or scrapped, and he wants to make sure people have the chance to fly on them before that happens.

To organize these trips, Sean researched what types of vintage jets were available for charters and where they were located.

For his efforts, the Bear River High School senior received a $1,000 college scholarship award.

We are truly impressed with this young man and believe this is exactly the type of young person we need, these days.

Great business sense and motivation – Mr. Burris deserves big kudos!

Source: SacBee

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