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Save Time and Money on Groceries With this Sac Startup

We spend a lot of money on food. Groceries eat up around 15% of our annual income – and for some people, the percentage can reach up to 25%. For big families on a limited budget, finding affordable and healthy options can be a huge challenge.

It was with this realization that Davis-based entrepreneur Ken Ouimet had an epiphany. He and his brother Timothy developed ShoppingScout, a free app that enables users to find the groceries they want at the lowest price. The “virtual assistant” facilitates store-by-store comparisons, grocery list creation, nutrition content checks and savings calculations.

Ouimet predicts that ShoppingScout can help users save up to 40% on their grocery budget.

Sounds like a handy tool, right? The app is currently in beta stage – why not give it a whirl to see what you can save?
Image Credit: [Flickr/Gwen]


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