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Space-Worthy Design Heads Deep Underwater

Who said that spaceships were reserved solely for the solar system?

SeaOrbitor is a state-of-the-art underwater research station where scientists can live and explore 24/7. The futuristic pod will bring researchers down to some of the ocean’s deepest depths, enabling them to explore the enigmatic underwater world like never before.

Creating a structure that can comfortably house humans and withstand the incredible pressure of the deep sea wasn’t easy. Its price tag tallied in at $43 million, and was the product of 30 years of intense research and design.

When it launches in 2016, Sea Orbitor will head for the waters surrounding Monaco. It can hold a crew of 22.

An added bonus? The design is stunningly beautiful.

Thanks to Fast Company for finding this one!

Image Credit: [Fast Company]



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