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Candlestick Park is Moving On

Candlestick Park is Moving On

We at Wheel Media, along with many SF residents, have been curious about what’s going to happen to our once-beloved Candlestick Point area, and finally, the plans for development of the land have been announced.  The former stadium area will be transformed into a 500,000 square foot “urban outlet” shopping center led by the retail developer Macerich and the Lennar Corp.  The center will be pedestrian friendly, and will include 6,000 homes in addition to retail.  398925_800x450

Big Money, Big Development

The $1 billion development plan is estimated to produce more than 3000 jobs for city residents, and is slated for opening in 2017.  Work is set to begin on the site this winter, and will include placement of all infrastructure including water, sewer, roads, sidewalks streetlights and safety incorporations.

Entertainment and Gathering 


The center will feature restaurants, local retailers, a cultural marketplace, movie theaters, a performance venue and a hotel in addition to rental and for-sale homes.  SF residents can look forward to a safe, fun and inviting outdoor space for shopping, congregating and events.

Although we too are sad to see The Stick go, we are looking forward to revitalization of the area and the potential economic benefit to city residents.

Image Credit: [Lennar Corp./Macerich, Carol M. Highsmith]


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