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GE Capital’s Roadshow for Growth Stops by in Charlotte

charlotte-news-roadshowIn an opportunity to promote and perhaps lure more middle markets, GE Capital and Slate have been on a six-month road trip to different cities across the country and recently they made a stop in Charlotte.

Middle market companies are an important part of any city’s economy, the backbone if you will, and nowhere is that more true than in Charlotte. Middle market companies are those that do between $10 million and $1 billion in annual revenue. In Charlotte, there are approximately 1,300 like this, and they employ 500,000 people.

While the firms here are dominated by manufacturing and professional services firms, GE capital hopes to help diversify that market by making more capital available to more firms.

At Wheel Media, we are always excited to see attention being drawn to the importance of middle markets, in addition to small businesses, as they really help bolster local economies.

Source: Charlotte Biz Journal

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