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Ingenious Solutions to “Invisible Problems” In Charlotte


Charlotte had a messy problem. Their city is equipped with over 4,000 miles of sewage pipelines… And blockages were causing overflows, spills, and other complications once a day. Mess aside, the issue also created a host of environmental issues.
It is the sort of problem that most residents don’t notice every day. But as most small business owners can appreciate, it’s often the “invisible issues” that can have the biggest impact.

Enter InfoSense. Developed by three professionals in UNC Charlotte’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department, the technology enables blockages to be detected before they occur. It utilizes acoustics to detect problem sites so that the issue can be cleared up (literally) before the problem even begins.

InfoSense has transformed the inner workings of Charlotte, and has since expanded to 37 other states. This innovation represents the intersection of academia, technology, and creativity… And the result has transformed the Queen City.

To read more, take a look at InfoSense’s write-up in the Charlotte Observer.

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