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Email Marketing

    Email Marketing Services – Increase Traffic & Make Additional Sales

    You remember the print newsletters of past years, right?  Maybe you receive a few yourself.  Most print newsletters, however, no longer exist.  Instead, businesses provide information updates via email marketing.

    email marketing servicesTo perform email marketing effectively, you don’t have to directly ask for a sale in each email.  It certainly is appropriate to ask for a sale on occasion, especially if you have a killer idea you are confident will work.

    However, much like the rest of the internet, it’s important to follow the 80/20 rule of internet marketing.  The 80/20 rule means 80% of the information you provide should solve a problem or provide some type of value to your target market.  20% of the information you send people on your newsletter list should include special offers or news about your company.

    Email marketing services are very powerful and they help your business bring in qualified traffic and make additional sales.  But, like every other aspect of online marketing, careful analysis of your email marketing strategy maximizes its effectiveness over time.

    Wheel Media’s email marketing services professionals know small business owners like you have to juggle many balls throughout the day.  We can help you take care of all your digital marketing needs.  Contact us online to let us know how we can help.

    Keys to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

    Even though it’s effective, email marketing services are often overlooked as a traffic and revenue builder by many online marketing agencies.  If you want your market to buy from you, then there are a few steps to an e-mail marketing campaign to follow.

    First, your audience has to be enticed to sign up.  You can accomplish this by describing what they will receive in the newsletter on the signup form (least effective), giving them a free report or piece of information in exchange for signing up (more effective), or by giving them a discount on their next purchase when they sign up (most effective).

    Once you’ve gotten them to sign up, then it’s time to start sending them emails.  If you want them to purchase, the key is sending e-mails on a regular basis (weekly works well), and after they’ve gotten to know the quality of your information, send them your special offer.

    The most important element of any email marketing campaign is the subject of the e-mail.  If your subject reads “Company XYZ’s Weekly Newsletter,” no one’s going to open.  But, if you craft a more enticing subject along the lines of “7 Ways You can Pad Your Retirement Account,” people will open and view the e-mail at a much higher rate.

    With offices across the nation, Wheel Media has the ability to help small business owners like you get the most from their email marketing campaigns.  Fill out our quote request form, and let us know how we can help.