Website Content Management System

Website Content Management System

    Edit Your own Site with a Website Content Management System

    Have you ever even begun to think how some of your favorite websites actually create the design and add new articles, photos, and videos?  It’s incredibly complex, but fortunately, website content management systems make the process of updating your website even easier before.

    We aren’t saying you’ll turn into a web design genius overnight.  But, what a website content management system does is make the process of simple design changes, as well as adding new content, a breeze.  If you have the ability to run common office software, you have the ability to operate a website content management system.

    Implement Changes When You Want, How You Want

    website content management systemWith some web design companies, you have to call the company and pay monthly fees for every little word-change.  However, when you have a WordPress website design in place, it’s easy to make most of the small changes.

    That way, you can handle most of the content and minor design changes for your website yourself, while giving a Wheel Media a call when things get a little too complex.  If you’re ready to discuss your web design project, give us a call at 866-491-9266 today.

    Why Wheel Media Recommends WordPress

    A number of options exist to serve as your website content management system.  But, out of the many systems available, we recommend WordPress for many of our projects.  Here’s why we like WordPress:

    • It’s easy to use – If you can use the Windows operating system, you can learn how to do most common tasks in WordPress with ease
    • Prompt and available support – No website content management system is perfect, but WordPress pays careful attention to bugs and fixes them promptly
    • Large online community of users – WordPress has an active, thriving developer community that creates “plugins,” which add some functionality to your installation of WordPress.  Plugins are free or have a very low cost, while similar fixes for software could cost thousands of dollars

    When it comes to online marketing, we recommend you regularly update your website’s content – whether it’s through one of our content writers, or on your own.  Google gives preference in its rankings to websites that update their content on a regular basis, and we believe this will become more important for your website in the future.

    Content is the Foundation of Internet Marketing

    Whatever content you decide to create, the important thing to remember is that consistently creating content is what keeps people coming back to your site.  Ultimately, because of effective use of your website content management system, passers-by will be converted into paying customers.

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