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Website Hosting

    Website Hosting – Ensure Maximum Uptime & Speed for Your Site

    Making your site stand out on the web boils down to one thing:  user experience.  Website hosting is an essential part of the experience that is often overlooked. What do people online expect?  Here’s a short list:

    • That your site is always up and operating
    • It loads in about 2-3 seconds

    Those two points are accomplished through website hosting with Wheel Media.

    What are Website Hosting Services?

    website hosting servicesWhen you think about how websites load, what you’re really typically noticing is hosting.  The most popular one you’ve heard of is GoDaddy (not our favorite, by the way,) but there are thousands of private hosting companies across the nation that offer website hosting services.

    Why use Wheel Media’s Website Hosting Services?

    At Wheel Media, we pride ourselves in providing all of the online marketing services available in one place.  One of those key services is configuring web hosting accounts from a range of partners.

    Many internet marketing companies don’t offer website hosting services along with their marketing services.  But, when your website loads lightning-fast and the attractive layout passes in front of your visitor’s eyes, your online visitors will be impressed.

    Online, making that first impression within a couple seconds makes the difference between losing a customer forever and developing a good, long-term relationship with a paying one.

    Wheel Media Becomes Your IT Department

    Many of the clients we work with don’t have their own IT department.  How do you know if your website hosting service does a good job?  You should forget you even have a hosting service.  Your website should be up 98.999% of the time, and load speeds should be fast.

    Most of web hosting services are all about prevention, so you never experience problems.  Left to their own devices or other hosting services, and businesses see their sites go down.  Often this happens because e-mails from the hosting service were routed to the spam folder, or the credit card on file was no longer on file.

    It happens.

    But, with a full-service internet marketing and web hosting solution supported by Wheel Media, we can make sure every last aspect of your website is taken care of, all in one place.  Design, hosting, and marketing of your website all managed under one roof.  We know you are a busy business owner who doesn’t have time to manage your website to, so we handle everything for you.

    If you are ready to begin your website hosting and online marketing journey, contact Wheel Media using our online form or by calling 866-491-9266.