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So… what’s your website address?

Still don’t have a website? Your customers might be frustrated that they can’t find you online. You’re not alone, though – according to 2013 data from Google and Ipsos, 55% percent of small businesses don’t have a website. That seems like a huge amount of missed opportunity, especially since we’ve seen firsthand how much return there can be on what turns out to be a rather small investment.

Why wouldn’t a company have a website, especially these days when it seems everybody goes online for just about everything you can imagine? There are the usual reasons, like “not enough time” and “not enough money” – but, interestingly, there are also some companies who don’t want new business.

Some businesses and organizations would prefer to stay small, and I can respect that. However the scenario we see most often is a small business owner that feels overwhelmed – he or she just simply doesn’t have the time to write content, arrange photoshoots of products or staff, or even start thinking about where to start or which web companies to talk to. We encourage people in that position to get at least something up, even if it’s a single page with just a logo and a phone number, and then to find a professional agency (like Wheel Media) that can get the project off the ground.

There’s always room to grow your online presence, but if your customer is searching for you online, something is almost always better than nothing!

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