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Web Roundup: Tech, Marketing and More

Happy Monday, everyone! Here’s to getting back into the swing of things and stepping up for an inspiring 2014. Take a coffee break and enjoy these stories from around the web – we were really motivated by this week’s collection, and know that you will be, too!

Microsoft’s inspiring video salutes the heroic women of 2013. Hats off to this one.

According to Mashable, social media reveals that people deem today to be the worst day of the year. Here’s their cure. Laugh it up!

Solid online reputation? Check. Dress like you mean business? Check. Here are Entrepreneur’s top business tips for 2014.

“It is only by writing, not dreaming about it, that we develop our own style.” PD James and 5 other awesome writers offer nuggets of wisdom on how to be a top-notch writer.

Inc. fills us in on the three trends that will determine how startups can raise money this year. Take notes!

By the way, how about that entrepreneur that wants to create a university that will replace Harvard and Yale?

All hail the top social media moments of 2013!

Still trying to figure out the Bitcoin thing? Here are a few insights on how it fits into our future.

Can we use Facebook to tell us about the next great human migration?

Finally, you won’t believe what makes internet stories go viral. Scientific evidence, folks!


Image Credit: [Flickr/Alex Proimos]

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