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Sacramento’s New Pro Soccer Team Seeks Name, Colors

sacramento-news-soccer (2)Sacramento’s pro soccer franchise that will play its inaugural season next year needs a name, team colors and a design for its team scarf.

Sacramento Professional Soccer LLC, the group that bought the franchise last December, is launching a three-phase contest to figure out those things. Community members and supporters will be able to weigh in through specific questions and surveys, according to a news release.

In the first phase of the contest through April 24, people can tell the franchise the things they love about Sacramento, the symbols and colors that represent the city, and the preference for calling the franchise a soccer, football or athletic club.

In the second phase, contest participants can pick from three color palettes and nickname ideas, from May 8 to May 29. The third phase, from June 3 to 17, will allow people to vote on the final shield and scarf, the release said.

Source: Sacramento Biz Journal

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