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4 Ways That Web Design Helps Small Businesses

Why does web design matter? There’s an easy answer – Consumers prefer an informative and engaging experience over one that is difficult to navigate. But there are a lot of other valuable ways that strong web design can help your business grow. Look below to learn more.

1. Your Website is the Face of Your Business

We live in a virtual age. A recent survey found that 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. Thus, it is vital that your business have a robust online presence in order to succeed. This goes beyond a simple website; there are hundreds of millions of them. In order to make your business stand out from its competitors, you need a site that is well-written, accessible, and visually appealing. If your audience likes what they see from a few clicks, it enhances the chance of garnering business astronomically.

2. See and Be Seen with SEO

The formula is simple: the better your SEO (search engine optimization), the higher your Google search rankings. When you’re competing with dozens of other businesses that are offering the same product or service as you, this really matters. Here’s the tricky thing; SEO is not about simply plugging in a bunch of words and phrases that relate to your business. It is a dynamic, nuanced strategy. When used properly, it can enhance site traffic to upwards of 2,000%.

3. Engage with a User-Friendly Format

Today’s adult consumer has an attention span of about 8 seconds. With such a small amount of time to make an impression, it is vital that your website be as user-friendly as it is aesthetically pleasing. If your site is easy and exciting, visitors (and potential customers) will be more apt to visit the site often, and tell their friends and family about it. The result? You aren’t just gaining one customer – you’re gaining dozens.

4. Responsive Web Design Adds Versatility

With hundreds of different platforms, creating a website is easy. But making one that will draw in an audience is much more challenging. Part of this is due to the fact that people aren’t just browsing the internet on full-size desktops. Today, consumers search the web on tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and more. What’s more, there is a spectrum of different browsers (think Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more) that are each slightly nuanced. You want your website to be able to adapt to these different formats, enabling your audience to look at your business from anywhere – be at at their office desk or while riding the train. Increased accessibility equals better business.

Think of it this way – when faced with two comparable businesses, would you choose the one with an engaging and user-friendly site, or would you spend time trying to navigate the antiquated website of its competitor? The answer’s easy! Use web design to harness better business… for your business.

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