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5 Mistakes That Will Sink Your Blog

Blogs have never been bigger. Gone are the days when they were a niche industry; now, virtually every successful business has its own unique blog.

As 2014 rapidly approaches, the time has never been better to flesh out your company’s blog. In doing so, you can expect a stronger web presence, enhanced credibility, and boosted sales. But before you dive in, take a peek at the blogging don’ts.

Absent Social Sharing Options

Someone loves your blog post, and they want to share it. Make sure that you have easily accessible (and visible) Twitter, Facebook, G+, and LinkedIn sharing options so that you’re readers can spread the word. In doing so, you’re facilitating free advertisement for your blog.

Enticing Headlines

If a dish looks unappetizing, are you likely to eat it? You might be missing out on the best sandwich in the world, but you won’t take that first bite unless your plate looks irresistible. The same approach goes for blog articles. Even if you have groundbreaking content, people aren’t going to look beyond the headline if they aren’t drawn in. Keep your titles descriptive but creative to hook in your readers.

A Lack of SEO

Not having SEO is like throwing an invisibility cloak over your article. Millions of articles are hitting the web each day, and in order for yours to stand out, it needs to be populated with keywords that will make it visible.

Substandard Content

While your eyes might be filled with visions of how many keywords you can stuff into your content, make sure that the quality of your blog articles don’t suffer because of it. No one wants to read an article that feels like a glorified thesaurus of words describing your business niche.

An Unresponsive Design

We live in an age where most people use tablets, laptops, and mobile phones daily. You want your blog to be readable from any device, which is why your design needs to be optimized for any platform. Keep your site clean, crisp, and intuitive – and make it available to everyone, no matter what device they’re using!

By avoiding these blogging blunders, you will cultivate a devoted following that will position you as a thought leader in your niche. Enjoy the results!


Image Credit: [Flickr/GeneWilburn]


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