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All Hands On Deck for Hands On Charlotte

Making a change begins at the ground level, and it’s driven by the people who call the community home. Just as the local community supports and drives the local economy, it also determines the course and the future of the city. Hands On Charlotte recognizes and supports this fact by positioning volunteers at the heart of their organization. Hands On Charlotte has brought together the resources of local volunteers, companies, and national corporations to effect change and pave the way for continued cooperation in the future.

The Volunteers, the Network, The Change
Hands On Charlotte is a network of volunteers, nonprofits, and companies from every part of the business spectrum that have come together with one goal in mind – to change the community for the better. The ambitious organization works with various nonprofits within the greater Charlotte area to make volunteer opportunities available and accessible. In doing so, they deliver services such as tutoring, helping the homeless, cleaning parks, and supporting at-risk youth. They also offer special opportunities for teenagers, larger projects for groups, as well as volunteer activities with different components so that families can work together as one unit to strengthen Charlotte.

An Excellent Example of Great Web Design
Although Hands on Charlotte is a practical organization with a ‘physical’ mission of improving the greater Charlotte area from inside out, it also relies heavily on web design, digital marketing, and social media to convey its message effectively. The organization’s site is at once helpful and inviting, utilizing a relaxing color scheme, clean graphics, and an accessible format. An “Opportunity Calendar” is also available, as well as quick links to their social media profiles. Hands on Charlotte constantly post new content to these platforms, keeping followers engaged with updates. Finally, the site has separate content for volunteers and nonprofits, as well as a compelling “Donate,” section which actually explains how your money helps, i.e. “$50 – Cost of 10 meals for low-income students and family members in our CARES Family Nights program.
This collaboration of people, business and nonprofit organizations has resulted in tangible and positive changes in the local community… As well as a bright future for many Charlotte residents in need.

Need Help?
If you too run a nonprofit startup in Charlotte or plan to create one, Hands On Charlotte is a great example of web design and social media marketing that works. Wheel Media provides these services and more at an affordable price, providing organizations with the opportunity to enhance their impact in the Charlotte area. Get in touch today!

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