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Exploring Innovative Web Design & Unique Page Layouts

Choosing a strong layout lays the foundation for a successful website. The layout is the structural organization that guides the user through various experiences and sections of the site, and should be designed with flow and ease of use in mind. Web layouts differ dramatically based upon the needs of the organization or showcase. A successfully designed layout for a social enterprise will be mindfully laid out in a way much different than an artistic site that displays the work of a photographer or other creative agency.

Parralax Scrolling and Video

Social enterprise layouts can vary greatly depending on the amount of information that the company wishes to display on a single page versus using tabs or a sidebar. A new trend towards parallax scrolling websites has placed the primary bulk of information on a single page for an interactive viewing experience. In the past, many websites featured a slideshow viewer at the top of the page, but new trends are leaning towards integrating videos and more interactive options as the focal point of the site.

Design Integration

A great example of integration of these trends is the organization charity: water. This brand has had several redesigns of their website within the last few years, and has recently integrated both scrolling and video to their homepage. Upon visiting the site, viewers are greeted with a video highlighting stories of successful fundraising ventures by everyday people. The videos run in succession automatically and are interspersed with video of children playing and enjoying fresh, clean water in the countries that charity: water serves.  Users can then scroll down to gain more information about starting a personal campaign, and profiles of various successful fundraising campaigns.

With continued scrolling, users will learn where the funds raised will go and how they will serve rural communities around the world. Finally, users are given an opportunity to sponsor a current funding project or to donate directly to the organization. The amount of information that is held on the homepage allows visitors to get a good feel for the organization before navigating to other pages


Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.31.25 PM



Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.48.59 PM

Responsive Web Design

Incorporating responsive web design is an essential component of a website because it allows users to access the site from a variety of platforms including computer, tablet and mobile.  The charity: water site features responsive design that can be expanded or contracted based on screen size and displays well over mobile.  The mobile version incorporates parralax scrolling and a sliding viewer.

Effective Social Presentation

Choosing a web layout and strong design is an aspect of social good marketing that can have a great impact on potential clients and supporters. A good layout will be impactful and hold attention upfront, but will generally not be overly distracting or cause confusion about where to navigate. Social good organizations can greatly benefit from a well thought out web platform with strong brand messaging and social good focus.


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