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NC Woman Returns WWII Acts of Kindness

Maria Myers grew up in Germany while World War Two broiled around her. Her house was bombed, and her family had to seek shelter in a nearby valley. But they weren’t alone; American troops also occupied the same valley. The family struck up a unique friendship with the soldiers, sharing meals and swapping stories. Myers remembers getting treats like chocolate and gum from some of the men.

Today, Maria lives in Beaufort with her husband, a retired American Air Force member. And she spends her days giving back to the troops who were so kind to her and her family over half a century ago.

Myers is fondly known as the “cookie lady.” She stations herself at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, providing deploying troops with home-baked cookies, sandwiches and other treats. She’s often out there at 2am in the morning, but she doesn’t mind. Myers views this as her service… And she’s proud to be doing her part.

Myers bakes everyday; her kitchen is filled with bags of cookies so that she’s ready to send troops off in style at a moment’s notice. Her acts of kindness have earned her awards and recognition, but she maintains, “My biggest award is my American citizenship,” which she received in 1981.

Image Credit: [Flickr/RhinoNeal]

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