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Collision Works: The Innovative Creative ‘Hotel’ That’s About to Hit Detroit

The picture above is a prototype sketch for Collision Works, a brand new creative hotel made from re-purposed shipping containers that would encourage people to “collide and create” in 36 separate rooms. The project is currently on Kickstarter and hoping to raise enough money to have its very first container (two 8×40 units) on the corner of Russell Street and Wilkins in Detroit.

This location would be just three blocks away from the future hotel and would stay up for  six months. The project s all about using storytelling to connect with people. Some of the planned activities will include a “lunch and learn” that will take place each week and allow area workers to learn about other market employees through storytelling; kids telling other children why they want to learn to build robots, or make other things like bikes or music; and showcases displaying local talent from directors, artists, and musicians.

Collision Works is all about learning from our fellow human beings and connecting on a personal and artistic level. It will be a much-needed creative outlet in Detroit and a place for locals to learn and experience art.

If you’d like to contribute to this project, visit the Kickstarter, here. Or, to learn more about it, visit the CollisionWorks Facebook page.

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