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How Adults Use Facebook… And Why It Matters To Your Business

It’s time to quench the notion that Facebook doesn’t provide outreach to adults.

A recent study conducted through Pew Research Journalism Project found that 64% of U.S. adults use Facebook regularly, using it to keep in touch, both with friends and family and to glean news and other information.

Of the 5,173 adults surveyed, the research project found that 78% read and absorbed useful news/information when they logged onto the platform, even if they didn’t intend to seek out said news. In essence, Facebook connected the surveyors to valuable information, opening doors for new connections and opportunities.

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The survey also provides nuggets on information into why people are drawn to Facebook. 68% of them want to build connections and strengthen relationships. Others (62%) want to see videos and photos. Businesses that build a sense of community on their page – those that create and maintain a personality – will gain a following of devoted followers. This leads to increased sales and a strengthened brand image. The survey also proves how visual today’s society is; people are drawn to videos and photos much more than they are long write-ups.

Pew Research Center also illuminates the importance of being mobile and tablet-optimized. In addition to the 88% of users that access Facebook on their desktop/laptop, 53% use their smartphones and 28% log in with their tablets. Beyond being accessible on Facebook’s platform, it’s important that your business’s website is optimized for mobile and tablet viewing. This way, you can include Facebook posts that link back to your original page… And make it easy for people to gain access to it.

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Seventy-three percent of the adults surveyed said that they clicked on entertainment news and information when logging into their account. Sixty-five percent frequently read news on local news and events. The takeaway? Create content that is fun, entertaining, and engaging. Keep it light and interesting; balance an informative tone with a relaxed tone. If you’re hosting a local event or involved in a community happening, then get the news out there on Facebook. It’s a pivotal way to engage new customers and keep existing ones up-to-date.

In essence, having a strong social media presence is more important than ever. By creating a strong, distinctive personality and a compelling Facebook page, you have the ability to tap into the millions of American adults that use social media everyday. The result? Better, bigger, and stronger business.

Image Credit: [Flickr/SeanMacATee] [PewResearch]

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