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Small Business Strategy: Celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday NOW

We might be two weeks from the “big day,” but people are already perking up at the prospect of awesome deals and great steals.

And business owners’ profit-stomachs are growling in anticipation of all those great sales.

If you want to transform those extra profits from snack-sized into a veritable feast, then start celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday… NOW!

People love these two annually designated sales days… But they also fill them with a sense of dread. The prospect of those 3AM lines, the frenzied shoppers and the high-stress atmosphere turn many potential customers away, as they opt to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers instead.

But there’s another reason that small businesses should get ahead of the curve. Although “Small Business Saturday” was designated back in 2011, many shoppers are exhausted by the Black Friday experience and opt out of the spending frenzy. The result? You don’t get that profitable feast that you were hoping for.

So here’s a hint. Ignite the Black Friday buzz now. Tap into your social media outlets to advertise a special promotion, be it in-store or online. Online marketing is vital here; in order to make the most of it, you need to get the word out.

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Show potential customers why they should shop with you now – rather than the big stores in a couple of weeks. Tell them how they’re supporting small businesses, how they’re avoiding those long lines, and how they’re getting holiday shopping done early, enabling them to really sit back and enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Another tip? If you’re an online retailer, offer free shipping. A recent survey through Consumer Reports found that 23% of Black Friday shoppers will exclusively shop on websites that offer free shipping, and many more will show preference to those businesses that offer free shipping over those that don’t.

By staying ahead of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday curve, you can improve your profit margin and stand out in the marketplace.

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