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Mashup Fridays: Links That Deserve Your Attention

You all made it! Enjoy a relaxing weekend and some good reads that you can sink your teeth into for the next two days (and if you’re itching to get back to the office to play some catch up, take a moment to read why those 80-hour work weeks just don’t… well… Work).


Today’s goal for you and your employees? Be Average.  Oh, and do you feel like you’re working all the time… But not getting a heck of a lot done? Take a peek at Entrepreneur’s article on how to stop being so busy and start being productive. Pure gold.

Work Strategy
Up that efficiency! Head over to USA Today to explore the 20 ways that small businesses can save time. Also, Halloween may be gone until next year, but we can still learn some valuable branding lessons from the holiday’s iconic characters.

NY Times provides some real-life stories on how startups manage cash flow. And good news – this holiday, shoppers love small businesses. But they have to be able to find you first. Plus, meet the face behind car-sharing… And how he keeps aiming higher.

Sundry Tidbits
Some unexpected insights on how we read online – for instance, this article has a shelf life of 37 days. Get it while it’s hot! Finally, keep your eyes peeled for this tiny traveling library – it’s filled with sketchbooks from creative minds all over the world.

Image Source: [Flickr/Arek Orek]


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