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The Internet of Things: Everything will be online

Have you heard or read anything about “the Internet of Things?” The phrase is being used to describe the evolution of the internet – specifically, the rise of devices that are connected to the internet that are not desktop computers, laptop computers, or mobile phones.

Maybe you’ve seen commercials for home security systems that would allow you to view the live feed from your home security cameras while you’re out to dinner, or out of town. Or maybe you’ve been driving with someone who has gotten a phone call while driving, and the caller’s name and number show up on the in-dash screen in the car. I remember watching this TED talk where Harald Haas spoke about getting wireless data from every light bulb in the world. That kind of technology is what the phrase “Internet of Things” is referring to – everything being connected.

The Future is Now

Many of those types of devices are already available today, and I’m sure we’re only starting to see the beginning. Apple’s Carplay, which integrates the iPhone with a your car’s built-in display, so you don’t have to look at your iPhone while you’re in the car, is going to be available on models from six different makers in 2014, and there are another 15 makers who are going to add Carplay to future models.

Are there any ways that you could integrate smart devices into your business operations?

Image Credit: [Flickr/liewcf]


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