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How to Grow Megawatt Online Leads

No matter how much online marketing you do, if your site and content are not optimized for search engines, generating leads will be hard. Making sales even harder. That’s because web users have come to regard a top search engine ranking as a mark of a company’s quality and trustworthiness.

In other words, paid ads, listings, and links may bring you attention, but not necessarily sales, not if you fail to blend SEO and quality content to create engagement and rank well in the search results page.

Create Top Content and Market It Relentlessly

It’s the quality of the content that makes the difference between businesses on the web, and if you want your company to thrive online you have to make the creation and optimization of content a priority. To create well-crafted content with compelling headlines, the right keyword densities, and powerful calls to action, you need copywriting and SEO skills.

Once your content is ready, you can start marketing it through your blog and social sites. SEO is not optional, SEO is necessary.

Focus On SEO Across Platforms

In this day and age it’s no longer sufficient to use keywords on your site alone; it’s crucial to optimize your blog and social media pages as well, since all of these will appear in the results page. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it, considering that a good SEO ranking will provide you with a consistent source of traffic, much more targeted and affordable in the long run than any ad or banner can bring you.

People trust organic links such as natural search engine results and social shares more than sponsored or paid ones.

Make Video Marketing a Priority

Customers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a product video, according to Kissmetrics. They can see that video on your site, social profiles, or on your YouTube channel or other video site, it doesn’t matter so long as the video is short, less than 30 seconds and features a link to your product and an urgent call to action.

Video marketing as a way to increase leads can be a highly effective strategy, but only when done properly, when the videos are well made and enticing. To make video marketing even more effective, create a powerful call to action screen you can use at the end of your videos.

Promote Your Site and Social Profiles Through Your Email Signature

It may seem like an insignificant way of growing new online leads, but it can be hugely effective. Think of how many emails your business sends every day. Scores, if not hundreds.

A compelling – and effective – signature includes one or more links, to your site and social pages, or even to a specific product or service page. You’ll be amazed by how many new online leads these signatures will generate.

In the end keep in mind that content marketing is the best way to grow new leads online. Focus on creating top notch content.

Image Credit: [Flickr/Steve Corey]

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