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Social Media for Social Good: Twitter Tips

The Twitter platform allows for sharing of real-time content, as well as scheduled content for easy maintenance of consistency.  We’re sharing our top tips and tricks for Twitter success so you can get your social-good organizations online and tweeting today!

Because social good organizations have a mission for change, there are tons of content opportunities within the scope of relevant information to the broader goals of the organization.

Instead of focusing solely on pushing your specific product or advocating only for your organization, Twitter is a good place to share information about current events related to your product, including any stories or current events that are taking place to mobilize followers to achieve your mission.

Focus on your Field

For example, a Detroit social enterprise that focuses on providing education assistance can share so much more on Twitter than product marketing materials.

Like what? The company can share statistics about where education is succeeding and where it is lacking, any new regulations in the field, or pertinent research that has been released. Helping the audience learn more about the field of education as a while will allow readers to intuit the necessity of the company’s product on their own.

Sharing relevant content strengthens the message of the company by creating an allegiance to the mission and goals of the company.  This type of relationship between consumers and companies will bring about long-term support in product purchase and also in striving for innovation and change within the industry.


Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 3.09.20 PM

Your posts don’t necessarily need to adhere to a set schedule, but regular, and more importantly relevant, content will keep followers engaging on a regular basis.  Consistency in content keeps your followers coming back to you as the expert in a certain industry.


[Image: Maria Shriver of californiawomen.org speaking at The Women’s Conference]

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