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Get a Worldly View with Spherical Cameras

Say goodbye to your panorama apps; send your SLR on its way. Japanese electronics company Ricoh just released a camera that can transform photos into moments, thanks to the Theta. Offering a 360-degree frame, this latest piece of technology creates spherical imagery that makes the viewer feel like they are actually in the photo rather than looking at is as an observer.

Theta is lightweight (3.3 ounces – almost 2 ounces lighter than an iPhone), sleek, and convenient. It’s also simple to use – all you have to do is press a button and it will automatically adjust to your surroundings to ensure that it takes the best shot possible. Its design was built around portability, ensuring that its owners can tote it around with ease and use it at a moment’s notice.

Here’s where the fun starts. Theta automatically syncs to your iPhone to allow you to upload it onto Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr with the click of a button. Users can also download RICOH THETA for iPhone, a mobile app that enables you to take remote images on-the-go. Ever the fan of effortless integration, Theta even developed a Windows/MAC application that instantly translates photos to laptops or desktops.

Experience-based photography doesn’t come cheap, thanks to its $399 price tag. But the expense is tempered by its unparalleled innovation.

What do you think? Would you buy a Ricoh Theta to capture your favorite moments, or will you stick with your iPhone camera for now?

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