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Does Your Company Need a LinkedIn Page?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes yes.

Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is not a glorified job board. With over 225 million users, it is the largest global professional networking platform. Let that number sink in. 225 million. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+, LinkedIn is geared specifically towards fostering and strengthening professional relationships.

Here are four reasons why your company should have a LinkedIn page. Trust us, it will pay off.

Bigger and Better Recommendations

LinkedIn has a fantastic “Recommendation” feature that enables other users to recommend your service. Past and present clients can advocate your company and share their positive experience. It provides a sense of authenticity to your brand, and shows existing and potential customers that you are highly regarded within your industry.

Unparalleled Networking

Delve into LinkedIn to keep in touch with past and present clients, co-workers, collaborators, potential customers, and thought leaders. The platform also offers a great way to find good talent to work for your company.

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Strengthened Online Presence

Having a LinkedIn company page strengthens your brand’s company page and improves SEO. If people enter your name on a search engine, there’s a high chance that your LinkedIn page will be one of the first results. Google values the platform as a high ranker because LinkedIn frequently features new content. It is a way to increase your online visibility.

Elevated Relationships

LinkedIn is a great way to keep in touch with your business connections. It also enables you to search for collaborators – be it suppliers, distributers, or employees. Even if people are moving locations and switching jobs, LinkedIn enables you to keep up with the changes… Effortlessly.

If you’re short on time and don’t feel like you can put together a LinkedIn company page, then let us help you out. Simply get in touch and we can explore the possibilities together.

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