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5 Blog Components That Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About

Nonprofits, it’s time to dust off that “create a blog” to-do that’s been sitting at the bottom of your checklist.

According to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 65% of nonprofits are producing more content than they were this time last year – and it’s paying off.

When done correctly, blogs can act as change agents for the organization, inspiring engagement and action from the audience. Here are the 5 ingredients that will make your blog stand out and help your nonprofit grow in the process.

Create a Dialogue

The perfect blog doesn’t just tell stories; it invites conversation. Ask questions and reach out to your readers. Turn your articles into platforms for conversation. This won’t just make people more apt to read; it will also draw people into your organization, making them feel like they have a role in it. The more involved that people feel, the more apt they are to donate attention, time, and money to your nonprofit.

Use Personal Videos and Images

People want to see the face (or faces) behind the organization. Tell your nonprofit’s story through rich imagery, and include video clips whenever possible. The Online Publishers Association reports that 46% of internet viewers take action after viewing video marketing. If your organization is opening a campaign or soliciting donations, using film to compel the audience and make them understand why  they should care.

In addition, video and images create a rich, dynamic identity for your blog. Some people digest information through reading and others do it through seeing. Cater to both audiences in your articles.

Show Love to Your Donors and Volunteers 

People love to feel loved. Show your supporters how much you appreciate them with posts that recognize their actions. Did people donate their time to an event? Don’t just showcase the event – Showcase the volunteers that made the event such a success! Did an influx of donations enable your nonprofit to achieve an important goal? Don’t just talk about your achievement – Thank supporters for making it possible.

People want to give where they feel valued and appreciate. By highlighting the actions of individuals, you’re showing that you value support in all forms. An added bonus? The supporters that you showcase are guaranteed to share the story with friends and family… Instant advertising for your organization!

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Create an Identity with Personal Stories

People are drawn to personal tales. As a nonprofit, it’s important to tell the stories that drive your organization. For instance, an animal shelter is a lot more apt to get attention if they share inspiring rescue stories and heartwarming adoption accounts. A urban garden center will attract notice when they showcase stories from people who explain how the organization has changed them, their families, and their community. Tell stories of change – and explain how you ignited that change.

This shows that your organization is much more than a page on a screen. It’s a living, breathing entity that truly makes a difference in the world. These personal stories are a great way to showcase how your mission translates into tangible actions.

Encourage Action through Facts and Figures

People love – and I mean really, really love – statistics. Potential and existing donors want to see that their contributions are making a difference, so show them with numbers. If you can quantify any aspect of your nonprofit’s actions, spread the word!

Armed with this approach, you can transform your nonprofit’s blog into a platform for growth. It just takes a little bit of cultivating, but it will pay off. Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll help you to get started!

Image Credit: [Flickr / Fabian Mohr]

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