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Where Sacramento Nonprofits Go When They Need Help

No matter where nonprofits operate they are known for lending a helping hand to those in need. While many focus on specific challenges such as homelessness or literacy, others branch out to help anywhere a need exists. Although nonprofits lend out a helping hand to anyone they can, sometimes they need help, too. That’s where the Nonprofit Resource Center in Sacramento steps in – to support those who support the community.

Helping the Helpers

Sacramento’s Nonprofit Resource Center reaches out to nonprofit organizations of every type to offer help on developing new projects, finding ways to reach those in need more effectively, retain grant funding and a number of other services. Their help and support has made it possible for many organizations to focus on the services they provide to the community at large more effectively. The center acts as a kind of business and marketing service that focuses solely on organizations who want to help the community and reach out to those in need.

Although the Nonprofit Resource Center focuses primarily on organizations in the northern Central Valley and Sierra Nevada regions, the help, insight and information they provide can help nonprofits throughout the country. Their landmark work in reaching out to support those who support others has laid the framework for other nonprofit centers in various states. In addition to the invaluable support, the Nonprofit Resource Center also gets hands-on and participates in a number of programs directly.

Helping to Bridge Support… Now and in the Future

Building Healthy Communities is a collaborative effort between the Nonprofit Resource Center and the California Endowment, which aims to help organizations reach people more effectively and achieve better sustainability for the future. The Encore Fellows Program has a similar goal and the Nonprofit Resource Center is working with the American Leadership Forum to find ways for nonprofits to balance their social work with long term sustainability. These programs offer organizations a way to learn how to keep their work moving forward for years to come while the Nonprofit Resource Center offers direct help to support them in the short terms as well.

Nonprofit organizations often find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of help needed within any community. The work done by the Nonprofit Resource Center helps these organizations to reach more people and to offer help that can teach people how to achieve their long term goals while supporting them now and preparing them for the future.

Wheel Media is proud to be a member of the Sacramento business community, and we are lucky to have so many meaningful nonprofits making a positive impact in our community. If you’re a nonprofit in need marketing, web design, or SEO assistance, don’t hesitate to submit a free quote request!

Image Credit: [Flickr/Nicola Corboy]

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