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The Most Important Way to Make Your Website Stand Out

Every day, an average of 138,344 new websites go live. New businesses are constantly cropping up, leveraging the power on the web to increase sales, gain clients, and brand their image. In order to ensure that customers are reaching your site (and not your competitors’!), it’s vital to know how to make your website accessible to a diverse audience.

SEO is the Best Way to NOT Get Lost in the Shuffle

Picture this. You have a beautiful website that informs, engages, and sustains. On paper, it should stand out strongly from any of your competitors. But if no one can find it on search engines, then your site – and your business – will remain hidden.

People Are Lazy

When people type search words into Google, they don’t want to have to troll through 15 pages of results to find what they’re looking for. The want answers, and them want them fast. The proper application of SEO ensures that your website will make it to the coveted first few pages on search results, opening your business to abroad spectrum of new potential customers.

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SEO Works – And It Works Well

When applied properly, SEO increases web traffic by an average of 140% – and some businesses report that it increased their online exposure by upwards of 2,000%. But there is an art to it. Quality counts; You don’t want your content to simply be a string of search-friendly terms: Your customers don’t like this, and neither does Google. Moreover, SEO involves more than content. In order to optimize your SEO strategy, you have to consider things like tags, URLs, analytics, and server configuration.

If you want to increase exposure and drive sales, then your business needs to have a solid SEO strategy. And if it isn’t a task that you want to tackle yourself, then why not chat with the team at Wheel Media to maximize your success?

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