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What is Google’s Hummingbird Update?

There’s been a big buzz (pardon the pun… we couldn’t help ourselves) in the tech and marketing world about Hummingbird – But if you’re still wondering “What is Google’s Hummingbird update?” then you’ve come to the right place.

In-A-Nutshell Definition

In the simplest terms, Hummingbird is Google’s algorithm update. It seeks to offer the best user experience possible by optimizing search results based on relevance and content quality. Hummingbird differs from the last two updates, Penguin and Panda, because it enables Google to deliver results based on the entire context of the search, rather than simply the keywords.

What is the “Context of the Query?”

If your searches in Google look more like conversations or questions, then you’re not alone. Instead of simply entering a single keyword (for example, “marketing”), people are generally more verbose now (think, “what is the best marketing company in San Francisco?”).

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How Does This Affect SEO?

“SEO is Dead” has gotten bandied about a lot lately. The phrase does not ring true with the Hummingbird update. Indeed, the update has been implemented for over a month now, so if your site hasn’t seen any significant search ranking changes, then there is no need to break into a cold sweat. Top-tier SEO strategy is still integral to making your website visible… This is just Google’s way of finessing the user experience.

SEO Strategy to Keep in Mind

The same approaches to SEO still apply. Focus on top-shelf content; balance keyword-rich text with good quality. Next, think about adding a Q&A section to your website. Since Hummingbird is built around the “Query-style searches,” this is a valuable way to add some relevant keyword phrases into your site.

Armed with these tools, you can make your website stand out as an authority in its field.. And deliver unparalleled search results. If SEO still feels like an alien concept to you, why not get in touch with us? We’d love to help you and your business out.


Image Credit: [Flickr/Christopher Wegner]

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