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Master the 5 Pillars of Top-Notch Leadership Today

Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. (—Peter Drucker)

The success of a company hinges on leadership. It determines profits, stability, longevity, and success. Take a look below to learn more about the key pillars of effective leadership… And implement them to enjoy a happy – and lucrative – workplace.

1. Passion

Effective leaders are passionate about their role. The want to be leaders; they want to empower and inspire. Pardon the cliche, but it is truly a role that requires 110%. Enthusiasm is infectious… And if you feel passionate about your mission and your business, then others will, too.

2. Empowerment

Give your employees the tools to challenge themselves. Empower them to reach above and beyond the call of duty; show them that you believe in them. By proving that you are confident in the abilities of your employees, you are also exhibiting confidence that you know how to manage a competent, passionate business.

3. Personality

Make your employees feel like people, not numbers. Remember to ask. Questions can lead to brilliant solutions; they also establish you as a person who values collaboration and inspiration. Keep your attitude positive and “can-do,” even when you’re not feeling it on the inside. True leaders are not robots – they have off-days, too. But a bad attitude can make a workplace crumble.

4. Belief

Believe in your abilities and believe in the abilities of your team. Create high standards and encourage your team to see the possibility. The capacity to show faith in your vision, your employees and your business is infectious. You’ll feel more prepared to succeed – and your workforce will, too.

5. Communication

Don’t let your workplace become a black hole of “things unsaid.” Make it clear to your employees that you value openness and transparency. Whether they have a complaint or a suggestion… You want to hear it. They probably have some brilliant feedback that will enhance your company. But they will also be happier in a workplace that values suggestions over silence. Keep the lines of communication open with all of your employees – you’ll be surprised by how quickly it can transform the workplace.

Armed with these traits, you can enhance your leadership role and transform your workplace. Leaders have the unique ability to mold a business… So use your responsibility to foster engagement, passion and success.

Image Credit: [Flickr / Danbri]


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