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Enlivening your Business on LinkedIn

We’re not afraid to make it known: your company really needs a strong and active social media presence on LinkedIn. Luckily, following some simple steps and scheduling tips can have your LinkedIn shining with fresh, relevant content and working in your favor for networking and more.  

Currently, there are 380 million users utilizing the platform for networking, recommendations and  business news sharing, and you and your company surely want to be one of them.  Unlike other well know social media networks, LinkedIn is specifically geared towards the fostering and strengthening of professional networks, allowing users to connect through professional networks in search of opportunities less accessible offline.

Here’s why you should update, and then maintain, your LinkedIn page asap:

Better Recommendations

LinkedIn has a recommendation feature that allows those you have worked with in the past to leave recommendations to your services.  Clients are able to advocate your company and share experiences with your product or offerings.  The recommendations feature provides transparency to your business and shows potential customers satisfaction levels from real customers.

Unparalleled Networking 

This platform provides a sustainable space where you can keep in touch with past and present clients, co-workers, collaborators, potential customers and thought leaders.  You can also find fantastic and trusted talent by posting job opportunities and reaching out to associated networks.

Accessible Online Presence 

As marketing and media have taken to online platforms, a strong social media presence is assumed by customers.  Having a LinkedIn company page strengthens your brand’s image and improves SEO.  Google search engine highly values the content placed on LinkedIn, because content on the site is updated regularly, ensuring your content is visible to searchers.

Inspired Relationships

LinkedIn is a great way to keep in touch with business connections and to search for new collaborators- including suppliers, distributers or employees.  You can get professional updates from prior coworkers, employers and prospective workplaces in real time and straight from the source in curated content streams.


If you’re short on time and don’t feel like you can put together a LinkedIn company page, then let us help you out. Simply get in touch and we can explore the possibilities together.  And, you can always check out the WheelMedia LinkedIn page for inspiration.


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