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Baked By Melissa: Creative Solutions to Big Problems

Baked By Melissa is built on a simple yet powerful mission: “people should be able to taste more flavors without that post-dessert guilt trip.”

Her mini-cupcakes have become a staple throughout New York, offering diners the chance to eat bite-sized delicacies without the caloric remorse. And with flavors that range from traditional (red velvet) to offbeat (peanut butter and jelly) to outlandish (tie-dye), every trip into one of Melissa’s twelve stores is guaranteed to be a culinary experience.

Simply put, the cupcakes are works of art. So when Melissa Ben-Ishay first got into the business and realized that her carefully constructed morsels were falling victim to ruin thanks to unsupportive carriers, she decided to utilize her knack for creativity to come up with a solution. Check out the final result above.

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