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Brilliant Business and Taste Buds Combine at Detroit Vegan Soul

Kirsten Ussery epitomized “success.” As a public relations executive at a high-profile job, she was climbing ever-higher on the professional ladder. But she didn’t feel fulfilled. She wasn’t contributing to her community in a way that she thought was meaningful… And she wanted to change that.

Enter Detroit Vegan Soul. The brainchild of Ussery and her life partner, Erika Boyd, the eatery delivers food that is as delicious as it is healthy, that is as exciting as it is affordable. Their restaurant is the first 100% vegan cafe in Detroit, and shows their community that nutritious, wholesome food can be accessible to everyone.

Their mission is simple: ” to help people live healthier lives by providing great-tasting, high-quality, nutritious vegan food that appeals to everyone.” But their impact is massive. It isn’t uncommon to see people lining up around the block to snag a seat at Detroit Vegan Soul on any given day.

Ussery’s story shows us that it is possible to create a lucrative, innovative business that simultaneously benefits the community. All it takes is passion and perseverance.

Image Credit: [Detroit Vegan Soul]

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