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Networking and Fitness Join Forces at Networkingout

Detroit’s Rivard Plaza is becoming a hotspot for proactive multitasking. Twice-weekly, people from all over the city gather for Networkingout, an innovative new program founded by Shawn Blanchard.

On the surface, Networkingout out is a group fitness program. It welcomes people of all shapes and sizes, helping individuals on every fitness level to fulfill their workout goals. But the program also serves another purpose. It is, at its core, a networking group. People gather together to share ideas, build connections, and forge friendships. By promoting healthy lifestyles in a supportive group atmosphere, Networkingout successfully brings Detroit’s community closer together.

There is a sense of camaraderie that permeates Networkingout. People support one another, encouraging participants to push their limits both in the realm of both fitness and personal growth.
Run This Town is an offshoot of Networkingout, where professionals, aspiring professionals, and entrepreneurs can jog together and exchange ideas in the process. This collaboration has given birth to new business ideas and support that would have been impossible to cultivate elsewhere.  The best part about Networkingout? It’s free – on their website, they explain that “You pay us in sweat!”

Detroit has a unique, vibrant energy that is fueled by the people that call the city their home. With this program, people can channel their visions for the future as one… And burn a few calories in the process. Networkingout represents innovative strategy that will deliver results to the mental and physical health of a community – and help it grow as a cohesive unit. The organization holds a standard that is admirable, inspirational, and above all, effective.

Image Credit: [Networkingout Detroit]

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