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SARTA Wins $25K Grant that Will Support Startup Growth

A big congratulations to the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA)! The coalition recently received a $25,000 grant from Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

SARTA will use the funding to support VentureStart, an initiative that joins mentors with early-growth startups. They are particularly focused on enriching their use with Launchpad, a methodology system that enables SARTA to better analyze and support the startups that they mentor.

In a press release, CEO Meg Arnold noted, “This grant from PG&E will help us dramatically increase the effectiveness of our efforts to help startups get off the ground and grow, and to better track and report the impact of our assistance. The LaunchPad approach is another important tool for us in supporting Northern California tech-sector growth.

Congratulations, SARTA – and thanks for making Sacramento an exciting frontier for innovative startups!

Image Credit: [SARTA]

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