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The Kickstarter Handbook: Crowdfunding Tips and Strategies

“Crowdfunding” is the process of raising money by via small contributions from individuals, as opposed to a more traditional funding process like you’d see in the venture capital world. To give a quick example, imagine you have an idea for …

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5 Gems of Entrepreneurial Wisdom that Every Startup Should Know

Creating a startup can feel daunting – and at times, it seems downright impossible. To better understand how entrepreneurs can best navigate the startup world, we turned to the experts. Below, enjoy 5 gems of wisdom from the biggest success …

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Fostering the “Venture Capital Ecosystem”

Are you familiar with the “venture capital ecosystem?”

If your answer is no, then don’t feel like you’re ten steps behind. The concept was recently introduced by Forbes contributor Victor Hwang, who believes that every startup should have access to …

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Velocity Venture Capital Adds 10 Startups to Accelerator Program

Velocity Venture Capital and the University of the Pacific joined forces earlier this fall to create the Business Accelerator Program. With an aim to help entrepreneurs grow in the greater Sacramento area, the program brings together startups to give them …

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