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Happy Monday, small business owners and entrepreneurs! To kickstart an inspiring week, we’ve rounded up a great collection of good reads from around the web. Enjoy, all.

— To begin, two forms of brilliant online marketing in video form: first with trucks and splits, and next with old friends.

— Take a peek at the new truths of SEO – and get your business geared up for them!

— How do we teach entrepreneurship? Is this the right way?

— Also, did you catch our post on how to foster the venture capital ecosystem?

— Eighteen pros… Eighteen top-notch social media tips.

— If your startup is failing, then maybe you should be asking these questions to turn it around.

— Pitching your small business? Whether it’s to journalists or investors, these are a few things you should know.

— Is it really even worth it to seek out celebrity investors?

— Are you ready to make your business shine on tablets? With the holidays heading up, this article argues that it’s the most important medium.

— And finally, some seriously beautiful 3D printing.

Here’s to a productive week, everyone!

Image Credit: [Flickr/JDHancock]

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