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Happy Monday, everyone! Here’s to a festive Thanksgiving week ahead; if you’re making any long drives to family or friends’ homes for the holidays, then we have some great small business reads to help you pass the time.

While we might not have a crystal ball, Social Media Today has mastered the art of the educated guess. Take a peek at the top projected social media trends of 2014.

Inc. has compiled the best reads of 2013 for entrepreneurs, and we’re excited to delve into titles that are as inspiring as they are wisdom-packed.

Why it’s time to devote five hours a week to those cringingly difficult tasks. Greatness awaits you.

Are “likability” and “leadership” contradictory terms? Forbes says “no way.”

Half of the world’s active Twitter users live in these five countries. Shocker…. or not so much?

Zappos once again proves that it’s a brilliantly successful with a great sense of humor.

(Also, in case you didn’t know, here’s some background on why Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is such a genius.)

We know you’re gearing up for turkeys and gravy and deliciously complex dishes… But you could always just cook with your coffeemaker. Really.

Become a better leader and reduce your stress levels. It only takes two minutes.

Finally, yet another example of inspired marketing.

Happy week, everyone!

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