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Old Skool Cafe Serves Up Delicious Food and Opportunities for At-Risk Youth


When you go out to eat at Old Skool Cafe, there’s a lot to love beyond the food (which, by the way, is delicious).

OSC is styled after a 1940s-era supper club and comes complete with an opulent atmosphere and a mouthwatering menu.

But its the people who run this eatery that makes it so special. Old Skool Cafe “confronts the epidemic of violence by providing at- risk and previously incarcerated and foster care youth with a variety of career opportunities that would normally not be afforded them.

They employ youths between 16 and 22, treating their positions as paid apprenticeships. The organizations teaches them valuable skills that are directly applicable in the working world, providing them with steady income and the tools to build a stronger professional future.

Watch the video to learn more.. And if you live in SF, make a reservation stat!

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