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Blog Success Secrets: Creative Ways to Recycle Old Content

We’ve all been there before; we sit down at our desks, poise our fingers to wordsmith works of genius, then… Nothing. Writer’s block isn’t just frustrating. It’s also a waste of time, diverting your attention away from other tasks and simultaneously adding a level of stress to your day. Luckily, there’s a very easy solution.

Hint: You’ve already written it.

Recycling old blog content isn’t merely a way to enhance productivity. It also provides a great opportunity to revisit important subject matter that was previously featured on your blog. This is especially important for nonprofits and small businesses, as it offers an avenue to revisit impressive successes, noteworthy news, or other valuable gems of wisdom.

Here are a few ways that you can recycle content to save time and add value to your startup, small business, or nonprofit’s blog.

Showcase Old Articles Across Social Media Outlets

An easy way to re-engage readers with your old material and bring past news to light is by sharing past posts across social media outlets. Accompany it with a punchy teaser to remind the reader why they should commit to read and voila! You’ve simultaneously driven attention to your site and encouraged your audience to read beyond the most recent article posted on your blog.

Update Old Content

Does an old blog post need a little TLC? If its core mission offers great content and valuable information, then it’s worth your while to take a few minutes to finesse and re-publish it. Consider adding a more enticing title (just don’t change the permalink!), updating the SEO, or adding one or two trending stats to give the article current value.

Link Back to Old Posts

When writing new articles for your blog (or social media posts), link back to old articles. Cut and paste a few relevant passages from the old post as well; this doesn’t just save time, but also helps you position your business as a thought leader in your niche.

Create an EBook

Mashable notes that eBooks are one of the most effective emerging ways to promote your business. They explain,

Building a business is the same as building a following. Growth revolves around content. Share a solid ebook with useful information, covering the area in which your business lies with your audience. Your audience can begin to recognize you as the categorical authority (depending on the quality of the content) and, subsequently, as the go-to company when they need a product or service.

Compile all of your old blog posts into a low-fee or free eBook to share with the online community. This is a great way to recycle content in a way that will position you as a thought leader, engage your existing audience, and attract new followers.

Create Weekly RoundUp Posts

One great way to enable old content to resurface is through round-up posts. Share relevant links from around the web (here’s an example of one of ours) and include a few that link back to old posts. Consider a seasonal “Best Of” post that promotes your most popular articles from the past three months. It’s a great way to repurpose content and keep it relevant!

Armed with these blog recycling tools, you’re ready to tackle writer’s block with a time-efficient, professional, and relevant approach!


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