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Twitter Social Media for Social Enterprise in SF

San Francisco social good organizations can benefit from presence on social media, specifically Twitter, which allows greater connection and authentic interaction with a broad audience.  Social mission driven organizations have tons of great content to share- from industry advancements, current gaps, and success stories that will resonate with readers.

Staying up to date on current events in the industry or field allows companies to be a go-to source of information for news within the industry.

Tip: Feature events and current happenings to engage followers online and in person

Tip: Utilize the experts within your company and get their take on current events, adding personality and expertise to any current media topics that are trending.

Tip: Feature and retweet information industry-relevant information to become a go-to expert in the field

Maintaining relevance on social media for social enterprise gives organizations credibility and keeps the company in the minds of followers, improving loyalties not only to the org but also to the broader mission.


Image: [SOCAP Conference 2014]

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