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Bringing Manufacturing Back to the Bay

Manufacturing for Job Creation in the Bay

Local nonprofit SFMade is poised to open and operate the first new manufacturing building in the city in over two decades. The project would serve to revitalize local production and provide accessible entry-level job opportunities to the local market.  California has committed to job creation and opportunity for new technologies and traditional trades and manufacturing, providing income stability to residents in a variety of sectors.

Wheel Media is huge fan of SFMade and, is proud to count the related national network organization the Urban Manufacturing Alliance (UMA) as a client.  The Urban Manufacturing Alliance is working to bring manufacturing back to cities across America, by creating a network of support, sharing and best practices.  The UMA website features a brief video of UMA director Adam Friedman’s progress report and further explanation of the alliance.

The proposed three-building, four-story complex is located at 100 Hooper, just west of Interstate 280 near the border of Potrero Hill and SoMa. At 56,000 square feet, the main SFMade building would provide accommodations for manufacturers in various industries of food, jewelry, apparel, and other local artisan product.

The building would be modeled after the American Industrial Center in the Dogpatch which houses 285 businesses from garment manufacturers, printers, and boutique chocolatiers. The property owner and developer Dan Murphy, president of UrbanGreen Devco, says he would transform the remainder of the building into traditional office space.


In recent years, various local companies have been forced to relocate outside the city when they were not able to find ample manufacturing space to support their growing businesses. SFMade and Urban Manufacturing Alliance are seeking to remedy this dilemma and are currently working with 23 local manufacturers that are searching for space to expand or establish facilities in the city.

As the current property owner, Murphy said the development is on its way to fruition and was approved by the SF Planning Commission last week.

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