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Wheel Media Client, Freedom Network USA, appoints new Director

We are excited to announce that Wheel Media client Freedom Network USA has chosen Jean Bruggeman as the new Director of the organization!

Jean Bruggeman brings over 15 years of survivor support experience to the organization, most recently as a Human Trafficking Fellow with the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) within the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

Ms. Bruggeman worked within OVC to expand access to legal and social services for crime victims, while providing training and technical assistance to service providers and government agencies nationwide and supporting OVC’s intergovernmental efforts to improve services for survivors.

Freedom Network Co-Chair Amy Fleischauer, and Director, Survivor Support Services, International Institute of Buffalo had this to say about the new Director:

“The plethora of professional experience Jean brings to the Freedom Network including in-depth analysis and evaluation of government programs, direct line legal and social services, and human rights-based advocacy will elevate the unique voice and perspective of the Freedom Network and its member organizations.”

Wheel Media is looking forward to the great impact that Jean Bruggeman will bring to the organization.

Learn more about Ms. Bruggeman’s work and thoughts from the Freedom Network Co-Chairs in the press release.


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