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Wheel Media Partners with Influential Org Freedom Network USA to end Human Trafficking

Wheel Media Wants to End Human Trafficking

Wheel Media client Freedom Network USA is a national alliance of experienced advocates working with clients of human trafficking in a rights-based approach.  Freedom Network has 39 members across the US, and incorporates client centered service organizations, criminal justice advocacy and civil litigation, and social justice advocacy, and training.  The Freedom Network strives to provide a rights based approach that incorporates a network of human rights organizations, law enforcement programs, legal entities, and other related organizations.


The Clinton Global Initiative recently recognized members of the Freedom Network Coalition for their expertise and implementation of trafficking victims rights and resolve.  On January 29th in Washington D.C., Secretary of State John Kerry gave the 2015 Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking in Persons to Freedom Network member Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

At the Clinton Global Initiative, President Obama recognized another Freedom Network client, CAST, and their survivor organizer, Ima Matul.  President Obama’s commitment to improve and increase access to comprehensive services for survivors of forced labor or commercial sex slavery is a tremendous support in reframing this issue.

Wheel Media is proud to work with such influential organizations in the social good sector, and is partnering with Freedom Network to spread their human rights work far and wide for lasting social change.


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