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San Francisco: The Renovation That Revived Hope in a Local Neighborhood

In the picture above, new owner of the Tenderloin building at 850 Geary St.,

Craig Lipton,  opens the doors for the first time since his taking over.

Once called the “Heroin Hotel,” the Tenderloin building has undergone massive renovations. Three years ago, it was infested with cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, and more. It was a building that housed drug addicts and transients, and was known for its seediness. One room alone was found to have over 200 needles when Lipton took over.

Now, since the new ownership, people are calling it the Tenderloin miracle. Old tenants who were causing problems were paid to move out and the entire building image was salvaged. With the new renovations, Lipton hopes to attract students, young professionals, and service workers.

Seeing an area that was so heavy with crime get cleaned up and begin to positively effect the surrounding neighborhoods is truly inspiring.


Source: SFGate

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