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4 Time Management Apps That Totally Rock

strategy-planning-timeFor entrepreneurs who are strapped for time, it’s a headache to manage ever-growing calendars packed with appointments, deadlines, and tasks. It’s easy to miss an important meeting or fall behind schedule. Luckily, there are several great modern day apps that help us stay on schedule and keep us productive:

1. Any.do – A free app that organizes to-dos in an easy-to-use swipe-able list. It also clears completed items with the shake of your phone.

2. Toodledo – A $2.99 all-in-one app that allows you to seamlessly organize your schedule, and set tasks and appointments.

3. Leave Now – A free app that keeps you on time for your next meeting by telling you when to leave.

4. CalAlarm – A $1.99 paid app that allows you to customize  alarms for various tasks and comes with 25 unique sounds.

We’re especially big fans of the Leave Now app and use it when we’re in meetings and need to stay on track. What kind of apps do you use to keep your business operations running smoothly? Let us know in a comment, below.

Source: Entrepreneur

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